New report on future of electric vehicle battery costs and performance

13 Apr 2012

A new report supported by Axeon has revealed the future of battery performance and cost for electric vehicles. The report is based on research led by Element Energy, and commissioned by the Committee on Climate Change, looking ahead to 2050.

Batteries make up a large proportion of the cost of electric vehicles, so future improvements in their performance and reductions in cost are of interest to all parties in the sector.

Axeon contributed its expertise as Europe’s largest independent pack assembler and its knowledge was combined with that of recognised world leading expert on lithium electrochemistry, Professor Peter Bruce from the University of St Andrews.

The report contains a technology roadmap of future lithium-ion chemistries, including lithium-air batteries, which are the most promising technology in terms of energy density. 

Lawrence Berns, CEO, said: “We were delighted to have worked with Element Energy and Professor Bruce on this important report into the future of battery technology. Its findings are of interest to the whole electric vehicle sector and we are pleased that the research will help inform the Committee on Climate Change’s future policy recommendations in terms of cost-effective emissions reductions from road transport.”

Download the report here.

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