What is the Automotive Council?

Automotive Council: overview

The Automotive Council was established in 2009 to enhance dialogue and strengthen co-operation between UK government and the automotive sector.

The Council is made up of senior figures from across industry and government and meets three times per year.

In July 2013, the Automotive Council published the sector strategy: Driving Success – a strategy for growth and sustainability in the UK automotive sector. This long term strategy sets out a range of actions to addresses the cross-cutting objectives of improving access to finance, support for emerging and disruptive technologies, skills development, and improving the competitiveness of the UK supply chain. This is a living document that is updated and activities re-prioritised as appropriate

The activities of the Automotive Council are channelled through three working groups, each divided into a range of workstreams. The working groups are:

Membership of the Automotive Council

Membership is by invitation only. Further information is available from the Automotive Council Secretariat.