Supply Chain Group

The Supply Chain Working Group was established to build consensus on the challenges facing UK automotive supply chain companies and to deliver a number of targeted actions to improve the long-term competitiveness and capacity of the UK automotive supply chain.  The following work streams have been established and are operational.

1. Quantifying and capitalising business opportunities for the UK supply chain

Priorities in this workstream include:

  • Understanding where UK-based vehicle manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers are sourcing input
  • Identifying the UK’s capabilities to meet the requirements of Tier-1 companies based in the UK
  • Identify specific opportunities for UK Tier-n suppliers

The Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO) is part of an innovative approach which will help further accelerate foreign direct investment into the UK automotive sector. The AIO helps potential and current investors to understand the opportunities that exist within the UK automotive sector and determine government support that may be needed.

2. Improving supply chain long-term competitiveness

Priorities in this workstream include:

  • Increasing the spend placed with current UK suppliers by vehicle manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers
  • Increasing and safeguarding UK employment opportunities within the manufacturing sector
  • Retaining current manufacturing capability in the UK
  • Increasing capabilities of targeted suppliers as the platform for future self-sustaining profitable growth

3. Satisfying supply chain demand

Priorities in this workstream include:

  • Increasing inward investment from existing suppliers and new entrants
  • Supporting R&D investments
  • Growing the UK supply chain through exports

4. Improving access to finance for the supply chain

Priorities in this workstream include:

  • Development of long-term investment finance products that meet the needs of the automotive industry, including non-banking solutions
  • Delivering access to finance support for suppliers

5. Improving innovation and premium product manufacturing in the supply chain

Priorities in this workstream include:

  • Providing roadmaps and support resources to enable niche manufacturers to grow into trusted suppliers.
  • Providing structured  frameworks to allow collaboration of SME suppliers to eliminate Tier-1/n supply chain fracture and meet the needs of vehicle manufacturers
  • Stimulating supply chain growth through innovation