Automotive technology roadmaps

The technology work group has previously identified five sticky technologies, each of which encompasses a number of roadmaps. The workstreams are as follows:

  • Future Technology
  • Technology R&D
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Intelligent Mobility
  • Energy storage and energy management
  • Design

In September 2013, the Automotive Council published 11 roadmaps to illustrate the advances that will be made in automotive technology in coming decades. These technologies were separated into the following areas:

These roadmaps follow from the Automotive Council technology work group consensus roadmap and workstream feedback.

Click here to download the full Automotive Council roadmaps document.

The Automotive Council released the Energy and Fuels roadmap in 2015. The roadmap describes the potential long term transition from gasoline and diesel fuels to a predominantly renewable energy portfolio.

Please click here to view the roadmap and the report that explains the rationale behind its creation.