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Growing the Automotive Supply Chain: The Road Forward – 2012 UPDATE

Following the 2011 report, automotive businesses have been pursuing these opportunities on a commercial basis with many making public statements about increasing local content. However the results also indicated a strategic opportunity to look beyond individual company demand to look at the aggregated purchasing power of the UK as a means to attract further investment. In order to take this forward the Automotive Council commissioned an update to the original report to take account of the significant recent investments by the sector and increased UK output.

The basis of this 2012 Update was to establish a robust list of critical parts – components and assemblies – which UK-based vehicle manufacturers were actively seeking to source from the UK.

Growing the Automotive Supply Chain: The Road Forward

The findings from the report above reveal that approximately 80% of all components required for vehicle assembly operations in the UK could be procured from locally-based suppliers, leading to lower logistics costs, better support from suppliers, responsive configuration of parts, as well as the flexibility to adjust to volume and product mix fluctuations. The roadmap identifies several key opportunities for retaining and building supply chain capabilities through visualising the key short-term and medium-term opportunities, as well as the areas where critical support is required for the UK automotive supply chain.

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