Automotive Industrial Strategy

Industrial Strategy and the Automotive Sector Strategy

Automotive Industrial Strategy is about developing a long-term approach in partnership with business to give confidence now for investment and growth.

To invest and grow, businesses needs long-term certainty and government that behaves more like a business, sticking to long-term plans to tackle economic weakness and instability.

Main actions include:

  • Government and industry investment of £1 billion over 10 years in the  Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) to research, develop and commercialise the next generation of low carbon technologies.
  • Investment of up to £3 million to set up the Automotive Investment Organisation to (AIO) to lead attracting inward investors into the UK and to support UK suppliers to maximise overseas export opportunities.
  • Ensuring the right skills through a collective roadmap for the skills and training needed to address skills gaps in the automotive sector.
  • Ensuring that the UK automotive industry is well placed to benefit from more investment in production and R&D activity.

Click here for the full Automotive Sector Strategy: Driving Success – a strategy for growth and sustainability in the UK automotive sector

In April 2014, the Industrial Strategy Council published a report highlighting the early achievements, ongoing activities and future priorities of industrial strategy – including the Automotive Sector Strategy.

Click here to read  the progress report.